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Travelling Bee Co. Honey

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Set of Honey & Bee Pollen from Travelling Bee Company.

OR Individual Honey Jars & Bee Pollen Jars

Wildflower Honey (Local): From the wilds of Scotland & the North East of England.

natural & unprocessed

Harvested from the diverse landscapes of Tyne and Wear to the wilds of Northumberland and the shores of Loch Riddon, Scotland.

The taste: Very floral, can be quite clear depending upon what flowers the bees produce the honey from. A great mix of clover, hedgerow and trees. Can contain a mix of 4 months of flowers. A very popular all round honey.

Bee Pollen: One of nature’s most complete foods.

natural & unprocessed

Collected from the wild flowers and fruit trees in the majestic Pyrenees Mountains in Northern Spain.

The taste: Well this has a taste all of its own! Some say nutty and some say a mixture of flavours. Each individual grain has been collected by a bee from a different flower. Very popular on breakfast cereals and smoothies.

Scottish Heather Honey: Harvested from the wild heather moors above the shores of the Kyles of Bute in Argyll, Scotland.

Awarded 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards 2021. So what did the judges say?

"Deep golden colour. A fantastic aroma on the nose and it did not disappoint on the palate where there is a perfect blend of notes and sweetness that left a lingering savoury note that was amazing. The nose has floral and caramel notes, and the flavour delivers rich, deep floral characteristics, along with a touch of herbal bitterness that is nicely in check and provides balance and interest. A real pleasure."

Spanish Blackberry Honey: Honeydew harvested from the vast forests of Moncayo Natural Park at the foot of Mount Moncayo in Aragon, Spain.

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